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A better world with Artificial Intelligence

Our Services

Waste Management


 According to the  UN Food and Agriculture Organization , 1/3 of the food  produced in the world is wasted, bringing environmental issues and  inequities. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and AI, we created a  solution to solve this issue while bringing up to 40% in savings and  efficiencies to the food-service and hospitality industries. 

Personalized Analytics


 We discovered new ways to explore analytics, with statistics and  scripting languages. Analytics and AI nurture each other and together  provide better insights into previously siloed knowledge and processes. With our  experience with predictive analytics and our background in Six Sigma we  make enterprise processes efficient and provide our partners high-quality  visual analytics. 

Robot Process Automation


 Using RPA (Robot Process Automation), we worked with many companies for  years to harmonize and automate the processes, generating millions of  dollars in savings and revenue increases and reduced the operating  cycles. Through this process, we connect siloed knowledge and facilitate  innovative combinations to improve people’s health and companies’  operations.